by lokk9



This was originally intended to be part of an album I was working on in 2015. That album never came to fruition, but I pretty much completed two of the songs, and this was one of them. I revisited this one and added an intro/prelude of sorts and here you go.


The sun greets the early morning with its kisses and a promise of a life to be loved
The warming light that wraps me in temporal bliss another transcendental comfort from above
I wouldn't mind to hold that energy inside of me: I dream to be as giving or as bright
but held to close the fire consumes. The burning that I feel from here is all the reassuring I need to know that I'm alive

I'm alive

What they call family is just a million pieces of me
a fabrication of a branch of all that ceases to be
one second we are but time is just borrowed from the black indifference
memories as close to infinity as we can observe and declare it makes sense
the world is a web and I'm just tryna stay connected tho wisdom tells me that through severing all my discomfort just might be prevented
oh what I've tried, but in the end all I can say is I'm alive

and it feels like nothing

but at least it's there


released December 7, 2016



all rights reserved


lokk9 California

24 years. Cambodian American. Mad talent in whatever style. Always trying something new.
Contact me: sithankenneth[at]gmail.com

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